Complaint Escalation Policy

Complaint Escalation Policy

Objective of the Policy

Dynaxon seeks to maintain and enhance our reputation of providing you with high quality products and services. We value complaints as they assist us to improve our products, services and customer service. Dynaxon is committed to being responsive to the needs and concerns of our customers or potential customers and to resolving your complaint as quickly as possible.

This policy has been designed to provide guidance to both our customers and staff on the manner in which Dynaxon receives and manages your complaint. We are committed to being consistent, fair and impartial when handling your complaint.

The objective of this policy is to ensure:

• You are aware of our complaint lodgement and handling processes,

• Both you and our staff understand our complaints handling process,

• Your complaint is investigated impartially with a balanced view of all information or evidence,

• We take reasonable and practical steps to actively protect your personal information,

• Your complaint is considered on its merits taking into account individual circumstances and needs.

The information that you need to tell us:

When we are investigating your complaint we will be relying on information provided by you and information already be holding. We may need to contact you to clarify details or request additional information where necessary. To help us investigate your complaint quickly and efficiently we will ask you for the following information:

• Your name and contact details,

• The name of the person you have been dealing with about your travel service,

• The nature of the complaint,

• Details of any steps you have already taken to resolve the compliant,

• Details of conversations you may have had with us that may be relevant to your complaint.

Recording Complaints

When taking a complaint, we will record your name and contact details. We will also record all details of your complaint including the facts and the cause/s of your complaint, the outcome and any actions taken following the investigation of your complaint. We will also record all dates and times relating to actions taken to resolve the complaint and communications between us.

As part of our on-going improvement plan, complaints will be monitored for any identifying trends by management and rectification/remedial action taken to mitigate any identified issues. If you lodge a complaint we will record your personal information solely for the purposes of addressing your complaint. Your personal details will actively be protected from disclosure, unless you expressly consent to its disclosure.

Feedback to Customers

Dynaxon is committed to resolving your issues at the first point of contact, however, this will not be possible in all circumstances, in which case a more formal complaints process will be followed. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three (3) business days. Once your complaint has been received, we will undertake an initial review of your complaint. There may be circumstances during the initial review or investigation of your complaint where we may need to clarify certain aspects of your complaint from you. In such circumstances we will explain the purpose of seeking clarification and provide you with feedback on the status of your complaint at that time. We are committed to resolving your complaint within 5 business days of you lodging your complaint, however, this may not always be possible on every occasion. Where we have been unable to resolve your complaint within 5 business days we will inform you of the reason for the delay and specify a date when we will be in a position to finalize your complaint.

Once we have finalized your complaint, we will advise you of our findings and any action we have taken. We will do this in writing, unless it has been mutually agreed that we can provide it to you verbally. You have the right to make enquiries about the current status of your complaint at any time by contacting us.

Our Complaint Process

- We acknowledge:

Within a business day of receiving your complaint we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint.

- We review:

We undertake an initial review of your complaint and determine what if any additional information or documentation may be required to complete an investigation. We may need to contact you to clarify details or request additional information where necessary.

- We investigate:

Within 5 business days of receiving your compliant we will investigate your complaint objectively and impartially, by considering the information you have provided us, our actions in relation to your dealings with us and any other information which may be available, that could assist us in investigating your complaint.

- We respond:

Following our investigation we will notify you of our findings and any actions we may have taken in regards to your complaint.

- We take action:

Where appropriate we amend our business practices or policies.

- We record

We will record your complaint for continuous improvement process and monitoring through regular review, your personal information will be recorded in accordance with relevant privacy legislation.

Escalation Procedures

Our Compliance team will attempt to resolve all enquiries at the first point of contact.

If a concern cannot be immediately resolved, we will provide you with a realistic time expectation of when the issue will be resolved.

Where an enquiry or complaint has to be escalated to other departments, a case file will be raised, and the case will not be closed until you have been notified of the outcome.

Where an issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may request for this issue to be escalated to our Compliance Manager who will review the issue as a priority. Our Customer Support staff will inform you of the outcome.

It is not always possible to provide you with the exact time frame of when certain issues will be resolved. In these circumstances, our Compliance Manager/ Team will provide you with an estimated time of resolution, while providing ongoing updates until the final outcome.

Whenever a case has been escalated, we will endeavor to provide you with follow up responses within 24 hours, however such responses may take up to 72 hours to follow up when issue occurs across weekends and public holidays.

If at any time you require an update on any escalated complaint, please feel free to get in touch with us. If you have been assigned a case file reference, please provide us with your case file reference when calling.

Customers are provided with the opportunity to opt out from the list through various channels.

Below mentioned are the channels of opt out provided:

1. During the beginning of the call, the customers are asked for permission if they can be contacted by 3rd parties and affiliates and if the customers do not wish to be contacted, then the customers are opted out. Statement as follows:

Can I please make you aware some calls are recorded for compliance & monitoring purposes”, some of the companies may contact you via telephone or post with information relevant to your answers, is this ok?

2. At the closing of the call, relevant information regarding opting out is provided. Statement as below:

Thank you and that is all I have for you today. For further information or to opt out you can visit I have a short message to play - after which the call will end.

3. After the close of the call, for a recorded message is played to the customer (for full surveys) wherein another chance of opt out is provided. Recorded message is as follows wherein options of email and phone number is provided for opting out:

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. For security, the information provided will be held under the guidelines of The Data Protection Act. Should you wish to opt out of future calls like these, please call 02033181047. Today’s sponsors are (Active Sponsor List).

4. In case of any emails or calls to the opt in channel, the telephone numbers are opted out and suppressed immediately from the internal database and all clients are informed to do the same as well.